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Since the 1950s, El Cangrejo has become the most modern and luxurious neighborhood in Panama City, setting standards on the continent with its particular architectural style and landscapes.

At the same time that Panama City continues to grow, El Cangrejo continues to position itself as one of the most demanded neighborhoods to reside. A few steps from the financial center of the country, El Cangrejo offers proximity to goods and services within a completely residential, modern and exclusive environment.

Keep reading and discover 5 reasons why El Cangrejo is an excellent option to live.


1. Excellent schools and universities

Characterized by its wide academic offer, El Cangrejo has a wide range of prestigious schools, including: La Salle, The Lincoln Academy and Canadian International School. Likewise, it is close to universities and institutes of higher education, among which are: the University of Panama, the Latin American University of Foreign Trade, the Ganexa Art University, the Higher Institute of Haute Cuisine (ISAC) and the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT), among others.

vivir en el cangrejo

2. Parks, walkways and squares

Another of the peculiarities that attracts attention to the modernity of El Cangrejo are its recreational areas such as theaters, squares and parks.

Benito Juárez Park is among the favorites for the diversity of options it offers, from the ideal place for a romantic afternoon picnic to a relaxing yoga class.

And if you are one of those who enjoys more active plans, Andrés Bello Park is an excellent alternative. Recently remodeled and with facilities for all ages, it has spaces designed to practice sports and enjoy outdoor cultural events.

apartamentos en el cangrajo

3. Main theaters in the country

For theater lovers, living in El Cangrejo is a fabulous choice. Offering a unique theatrical billboard in Panama, it has the most popular theaters in the country, including:

But El Cangrejo does not stop and its nights can be extended around its famous Plaza Einstein surrounded by cafes and close to the best international bars and restaurants in the country.

lugares para salir en el cangrejo

4. Bars, cafes and restaurants

Another of the great attributes of El Cangrejo is the renewed Via Argentina. One of the most modern and popular boulevards in Panama City that allows you to cross the neighborhood on foot and enjoy the best gastronomic offers in the capital.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. La Rana Dorada
  2. New York Bagel Café
  3. Live & Karaoke Restaurant
  4. Murphy’s California Kitchen Pub
  5. Taberna 21
  6. Restaurante Del Prado
  7. El Trapiche
  8. Suvlas Panamá
  9. Bora Restaurant
  10. Panadería Los Venezolanos

el cangrejo panama

5. Shops, offices and proximity to the banking area

Close to Obarrio, El Cangrejo combines the advantages of living in a residential area one step away from the main job market of the city: the banking area.

Being the main business center of the capital, the main office towers, luxury malls and international hotels represent an excellent job market for any professional and commercial sector.

apartamento en el cangrejo (1)

Without a doubt, El Cangrejo is the ideal place for children, young people and adults. An area that manages to combine all the attributes to enjoy a modern, active and family lifestyle.

Do you still have doubts? Add to each of these advantages, living in an apartment in Luxor 400 that offers endless premium amenities specially designed for each member of your family. In addition, with the privilege of its imposing 360 view that includes the peaceful beauty of the Bay of Panama and the Coastal Belt.

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