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Mr. Jose Edmundo Esses after starting a career in the textile industry in Panama City, inland provinces, central provinces, and after traveling abroad to build an export business in Japan, expanding it to Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong; expanding to Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, he returned to Panama at the age of 45 and built Pacific Hills from scratch in 1986 with his life savings and established an admirable legacy and sense of integrity that is ingrained in the organization to this day, and has since been at the forefront of leading real estate developments in Panama.


At Pacific Hills we offer projects of the highest quality and functionality at competitive prices, with innovative concepts that meet the needs of a demanding market. Our main purpose is to increase the standard of living for all people. We visualize the future of the city’s urban areas and develop projects that inspire.

With a track record of more than 30 years in the market, we have completed to date more than 3,000 housing, office, gallery, and retail solutions. We have vast experience in the development, promotion and construction of all types of projects. We intend to maintain our track record of success, financial strength and sustainability over time, with a high commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.


We are inspired by a strong commitment to the integral development of our society and the country, therefore we contribute through our business management and solidarity actions to the environmental, economic and social improvement of various Panamanian communities. In this way, we contribute to the increase of well-being and the authentic progress of present and future generations in accordance with the global objectives of sustainable development.


Mr. Edmundo Esses and family, together with Pacific Hills Real Estate, contributed with the allocation of 3,120 mt2, the design, construction and equipment of the new headquarters of Casa Esperanza located in Marañón. More than 200 children and adolescents benefit from this project, which provides them with access to educational opportunities and strengthens the family core.

Additionally, we make contributions that are destined to strengthen the programs developed by this organization such as: food, parent training, monitoring and community outreach, seeking to eradicate child labor.


Pacific Hills Real Estate, under the leadership of Mr. Edmundo Esses, and in conjunction with the Jewish Foundation «Or» Panama, delivered in May 2013 the keys to the new Outreach Center for My Neighborhood – Brooklincito.

With this center we seek to coordinate and strengthen crime prevention activities, expanding opportunities for social inclusion to young people, through participatory strategies, coordinated in sustainable actions, along with the voluntary participation of community members, which will promote and encourage young people to invest their free time in productive social activities.


The iSupérate! JUPA Foundation Center is part of the iSupérate! Business Program, which, with a track record of 9 years, has the mission of developing young people with potential and desire for personal growth. This center seeks that, through comprehensive training, young people can opt for better opportunities for professional training and work, to improve their quality of life and their environment.

In Panama, Pacific Hills Real Estate, in support of the Jewish Foundation “or” Panama, sponsors the second iSupérate!
This center opened its doors on March 11, 2013 and is currently training 52 young people from three schools: Instituto Fermin Naudeau, Instituto América and the Escuela de Artes y Oficios. A scholarship is awarded to each student consisting of training for a period of 3 years, parallel to formal education, in the areas of English, computer science and values.


We are a team committed to creating innovative experiences and we want people like you, with a positive attitude, passionate about what they do, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vocation for service, who can support us to continue providing quality and confidence to our customers.

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